Who We Are

Our Vision

A community of children growing with the full awareness that they are loved in spite of their life stories.

Every child matter to God and regardless of their past stories and backgrounds, we believe that they all have a special place in God’s heart. We desire to share a small gift with as many children around the world as possible but most importantly share a message of the gospel of Jesus that will impact and yield eternal fruit in them. Jesus is the hope for these Children and as we reach out to meet this physical need and bring a smile on their faces, our ultimate desire is to point them to the true source of everlasting joy.


Reaching out to under privileged children with a gift and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the ministry to share our story and use our gifts to serve our young brothers and sisters in need. We desire to dedicate our time and other resources to reaching out, serving and ministering to as many children as God enables us. Matt Ministries partners and works with already existing ministries, churches and organizations in different communities to be able to effectively identify and meet this need. We believe as we reach out to these children, we become a tool in edifying and building the kingdom of God (Matthew 25:40).


To see children being raised on the foundation of Christ.

Our major and most desired purpose is to see that every child that we reachout to comes to the saving knowledge of Christ and they are raised on that foundation with the ability to make godly decisions. We seek to plant the word of God in their hearts that will set them on a godly path in their childhood so that as they grow, they never depart from it. ( Proverbs 22:6).

To a share a gift of shoes with children that cannot afford a decent pair.
Gifts bring warmth to our hearts and put a smile on our faces. We all once in a while if not most of the time would love to receive a gift; It makes us feel loved and cared for and we believe these children feel the same way.

God gave us a special gift of redemption and an assurance to eternal life through His son; Jesus is the perfect gift that has ever been shared with us all. As we share a gift of shoes and the word of God with these our brothers and sisters, we hope to bring a smile and impart in their hearts something that will yield to eternal life.